Speleological Abstracts (SA/BBS) is an annual review of the world´s speleological literature. About 4000 titles are included every year, most of them with a short abstract.
Since 1995, the SA/ BBS is available on a CD-ROM too.

In 2017, speleological abstracts will be published online.

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BBS/Speleological Abstracts are available online

1 April 2020

The BBS/Speleological Abstracts are available online at grottocenter. For about the past six months, BBS/SA has been collaborating with Wikicaves to develop a totally free version. The complete database is available here (110,000 references) : http://beta.grottocenter.org Older issues are available here as pdfs: https://www.ssslib.ch/bbs/anciens-numeros/ The latest issue of the BBS/SA, in progress, is available at http://bbs.ssslib.ch/fmi/webd/BBS_2019%20relecture using the password “test” […]

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