About the SA / BBS

Speleological Abstracts (SA/BBS) is an annual review of the world´s speleological literature. About 4000 titles are included every year, most of them with a short abstract in English, French or in another non-cyrillic International Union of Speleology language (UIS).

The titles are those which have been published or which were available between January and end of December of the year concerned; SA/BBS is planned to be published in the summer of the following year.The reviewed titles are numbered in increasing order and are classified by subject using 8 chapters headings and numerous sub-headings. The titles in each sub-heading are listed in alphabetical author order.


Classification by subject:

  1. Karstology and Geospeleology
  2. Regional speleology
  3. Biospeleology
  4. Anthropospeleology
  5. Palaeontospeleology
  6. Applied speleology
  7. Technical speleology
  8. Documentary speleology

Titles which have a geographical connection are listed in chap. 2 (Regional Speleology). Chap. 1 and 3 to 8 include the titles without any geographical connection and/or with specialized contents, e. g. biospeleology, technical speleology etc.


In order to facilitate your bibliographical researches, every issue of SA/BBS includes the following indexes:

  • An alphabetical index by authors:
    It allows you to find the titles published by a given author.
  • A geographical index:
    It allows you to find quickly a given country; you can also have direct access to chap. 2 and see where you are with the aid of the headlines.
  • A lot of cross indexes:
    At the end of every sub-chapter. They allow you to find all the other titles concerning a given matter or a given country (nation) placed in a different sub-chapter. In order to limit your bibliographical research, you may narrow the search in the cross index to the title numbers which correspond to a given chapter.
  • A list of the reviewed publications and periodicals:
    You have found titles which are of interest to you and you wish to know them in greater detail : consult your nearest speleological library.